Words In Winter 2019 Program

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Its all about the Garden - June 15th & 16th...

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Lets focus on your garden, ever thought of introducing Biochar into your soil, or setting up a Worm Farm?

Come along on Saturday 16th June and learn the benefits of both these elements and have all your questions answered 
by Captain Compost.

On Sunday 17th June we have tutor Gael Shannon hosting a Winter Pruning workshop. Learn how to prune all your productive plants including stone fruit trees, berries, vines and olives. Wear sturdy shoes and warm clothing as this is a hands on workshop!

Bookings: 03 5424 1354 / admin@trenthamnc.org.au

Neighbourhood House Week - Morning Tea 15th May 2019

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Trentham Easter Art & Craft Show 2019, April 18th - 22nd

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Temples without Walls - a Meditative Walk, March 17th - 23rd

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Trentham Cottage Garden Show 2018

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Words In Winter 2018

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Words In Winter 2018 was a great success this year, with many entries received for the writers and poetry competition.
Attached below is a copy of all the wonderful entries received.

Mums & Bubs

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Self Help Native Gardening Group

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Words In Winter Program

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