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Peace Meditation

To meditate for peace is a gentle way to interrupt the race.

  • High Street


There are two kinds of paralysis: not being able to start and not being able to stop. To meditate for peace is a gentle way to interrupt the race and requires little effort to make a start. Traditionally to meditate is to bring the stream of feelings, impulses and thoughts to rest, to gather oneself in one’s true centre: the one who should be the master of our will, emotions and thinking. It has been and is the inner aspect of any spiritual culture or religion. Since the rise of modern consciousness it has also become a philosophical practice: a search not only for one’s own true centre, but also for the true centre of our collective consciousness, to cut through the fixed patterns that prevent humanity to find true peace. Our peace meditation on Monday mornings is a present day continuation of an age-old practice as the basis for the new practice, a kind of new training of meditating on behalf of humanity and the earth themselves. Gold coin donation.

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  • 56 High Street, Trentham VIC, Australia

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