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Services & Facilities

Trentham Neighbourhood Centre Computer Hire

Public Access Computers

TNC offers low-cost computer and internet access at our 3 public computer terminals.

We also offer wi-fi access from your own device.


Documents may be printed from our computers and our standard printing charges apply.

Printing, Laminating & Scanning

TNC offers colour and black and white printing and photocopying.


Document scanning and laminating (a4 or a3) are also available.

Click HERE for current print pricing

Trentham Neighbourhood Centre Printing & Scanning
Trentham Neighbourhood Centre Recycling Station


During our office hours TNC is a collection point for the following recyclables:

  • Branded printer cartridges

  • Nespresso coffee pods (aluminium only)

  • Batteries

  • Light globes

  • Plastic Bread Tags

  • Toothbrushes, Toothpaste tubes and dental floss cartridges

  • Small e-waste items

Book Exchange

TNC operates two street libraries (one for adults, one for children) that are always accessible at the front of our building.

Inside we offer books, DVDs and a small supply of puzzles that are accessible during office hours. Books and DVDs may be borrowed and returned, permanently exchanged or taken to keep.

Trentham Neighbourhood Centre Book Exchange
Trentham Neighbourhood Centre, Community Pantry

Community Pantry

For those in need, TNC has a community pantry that all are welcome to take from or donate to.

The pantry is just inside our automatic doors and therefore only available when those doors are set to open (during office hours and when other activities may be running out of hours).


Anyone in the community is free to take anything or leave any non-perishable items on the shelves.

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