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Trentham Community Garden

After many years of living with a gravel and weed filled, difficult to use space, TNC embarked on a major redevelopment of its outdoor space.  In 2023 this project was brought to a successful conclusion, creating a welcoming, attractive and useable space for our whole community to enjoy.

Initial drawings and concept were produced for us by Josh Smith and further developed by Anthony Morrey. The plan involved removal of the large existing outbuilding, replacement of fences and new surfaces for the upper and lower levels of the space. 


The upper area is enhanced by a pergola with inbuilt seating and plantings for natural shade and two wicking beds filled with edible plants.

We also have a chess board built into the paving, with chess and draughts pieces make by the Trentham Cool Country Men's Shed available for use.

The Community Garden is a space that all members of the community are welcome to come and use.

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